It is early and Biopure Corp., a small biopharmaceutical firm with no sales revenues in its ten-year history, has just received government approval to. Biopure enters the field of blood substitutes: Human market – Hemopure; Veterinary market – Oxyglobin; Oxyglobin already received final FDA. Biopure Corp. case study. John T. Gourville. Save; Share. Save; Share. Format. PDF Hardcopy Black & White. Format. PDF, Hardcopy.

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Case Summary Tetra Pak Biopure Corporation Case 1. What are the reasons for and against launching Oxyglobin?

Business case Biopure by Simone Huygens on Prezi

Oxyglobin would generate the first revenues that Biopure could use to launch Hemopure. Oxyglobin would create an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure if released first.

What is the market potential for Oxyglobin in the animal market and Hemopure in the human market? Be specific and focus on target markets. Here suppose corporafion percentage in dogs practice can be broadly representative d Unit each animal needs: It is very likely that the numbers will rise by the year of Oxyglobin release. Due to Rejection Due to Expiration Hiopure How might the presence of Oxyglobin be an asset or liability to Hemopure?


In the market, pet products and people use the same type of product there is a proportional relationship between, or correlated. The coefficient is generally between 0. We cannot ignore the presence here of some inherentalthough we cannot directly say the pricing of pet products determined that people use the same type of product price must be cse what extent.

Biopure Corp.

However, some queries corporatipn the products we see they are indeed the existence of these links. We noted that our pricing for Oxyglobin probably should be between the second question we have detailed presentation of this specific product pricing principles and price.

It would appear that, once the price is bound to make the hospitals, insurance companies, patients feel that this price is too high not to mention Oxyglobin the same company’s products. For the price of acceptance will have a direct impact. Corooration we think this is negative impact. What should Biopure do regarding the commercial release of Oxyglobin? If they release, what price should they set?

Biopure Corporation Case Report_百度文库

We noted that there is a big difference between critical case and noncritical case. Also, we bioupre blood transfusion is mainly used in emergency cases instead of ordinary cases.


Codporation we can choose to price based on critical case. The raw material will cost 1. We also have to cover the selling expenses. And we cannot let the price difference to be unreasonably high since there is no essential difference between two products. We have to ensure the sales team has been well trained and can teach veterinarians how to properly use the product. Instead, distributors work for many manufacturers and they will not be fully committed to Oxyglobin.

If we set up a sales team with 50 staff, each staff will be responsible for 30 — 45 in one year. As for direct sales, it only takes 10 — 15 which is much cheaper. All in all, as the first mover in this market, the Company should try their best to increase market penetration as soon as possible, even if selling the product at loss.