· reference URL gaidar/. About Arkady Gaydar: Arkadi Petrovich Golikov, better known as Arkadiy Gaidar ( Russian: Аркадий Гайдар), was a Soviet writer, whose stories were very pop. This memorial is in memory of the famous writer and later partisan Arkady Gaidar who fell on 26 October Do you have more information about this location.

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Grave Memorial Arkady Gaidar – Kaniv –

Following his demobilization, Gaidar married and had a son, Timur. When World War I began and his father was drafted into the army, the young Arkady ran away from home and tried to arkadh his father at the front. In the family moved to Arzamas, a town in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

He was capable of great rage and once, in a fit of anger, smashed up an apartment. However, the marriage broke up.

Archived from the original on 23 October Four days and ninety kilometers later, he was apprehended and returned home. Romance of an Faidar Shot”.

Timur Gaidar – Wikipedia

The pseudonym he chose proved to be an apt one indeed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Arkady, then 14, decided that he too would gqidar in the fight. Works by Arkady Gaidar in 4 volumes. Real family name, Golikov. He was buried in the town of Kaniv. They appeared in print between and Gaidar’s books have been translated into many languages.

However, the marriage broke up and in Gaidar moved to Khaborovsk to work for the newspaper Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda. He was a poet, a writer, a scholar, a polyglot and a publisher. It would be a fierce fight; they would need all their strength in the arjady against the enemy.


Gaidar produced mainly feuilletons for Zvezdawhich printed of them between and That, at least, is the official story. In the autumn of Arkady Gaidar was a war correspondent and then became a member adkady a partisan unit operating behind enemy lines.

I’ll Stay with You Retrieved 26 February A number of films were made based on his adkady. He laid several notebooks on the table and said, “I’m Arkady Golikov. A countrywide movement, known as the Timur movement, sprang up. In days of old, mounted warriors on the march would send a horseman ahead as a scout. Arkady Petrovich Golikov Russian: One such child is the Malchik-Kilbachish. Following his demobilization, Gaidar had married and had a son, Timur. There’s no language, only grey dust. I want you to print it.

It became apparent to his co-workers rakady that the horrors of the Civil War had left their mark on Gaidar’s psyche. His three sisters were Natalya, Olga and Yekaterina. The latter was a story of Arkady Gaidar’s last days.

Arkady Gaidar real name Golikov was both a famous writer and a Red Army field commander known for his courage and ruthlessness. Retrieved from ” https: A captivating account of an altruistic pioneer youth gave birth to the mass Timur movement among Young Pioneers and other children’s organizations all over the Soviet Union. Fresh from the 7th Moscow Red Commanders’ courses, Gaidar went to the Ukrainian later Polish front as a company commander.


Arkady Gaidar

On the second day of the Great Patriotic War, Gaidar was given an emergency assignment. These accusations came to the attention of higher-ups, and Gaidar was tossed out of the Party. Accordingly, the pseudonym is constucted from the first letter of his last name Golikov Gthe first and last letters of his first name, Arkadii A, Ithe French possessive D’and the first two letters of his home town, Arzamas A,R. From his early youth Gaidar knew of sorrow and separation, aching wounds and the fire of battle, the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victory.

He was arkwdy in the town of Kanivwhere a monument honoring him was erected in He joined the partisans and became a machine gunner. As the Soviet fathers and older brothers are killed, little children have to join the battle.

No sooner had they read the book than thousands of Soviet boys and girls began to emulate Timur. Despite the squeaky-clean reputation which was later to spring zrkady around Gaidar, there is evidence that, during the Civil War, he was responsible for some excesses, baidar and engaging in the gzidar of innocent peasants.

In the fall ofGaidar and other soldiers were surrounded by German troops. The latter was a story of Arkady Gaidar’s last days.