This guide finalised on 04 July Contents About AIRCOM OPTIMA 9 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA User Layer 10 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA Ribbon Aircom Optima presentation Agenda Performance management challenges OPTIMA introduction and customer success stories Solution roadmap. Aircom Optima user reference: – 4shared .com – document sharing – download Best Regards.

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How do I schedule a report? First Use In Commerce Date.

To quickly add a module combination, report or work area to the Favourites Library: These reports can be executed in a similar way to normal reports, but this method outputs the data as Excel files.

After you designed the layout of your report, you can preview it, before you save it: Views Contain stored data, by taking a ‘snapshot’ of the data at a given time.

Report “Introduction to Aircom Optima”. See Creating a Work Area.

Aircom International

When prompted, click Yes to create and view the list of tables that this KPI is valid for. All users can access the Data Explorer by clicking on the Data Explorer button. Plot Data Click in the row and, in the dialog box that appears, choose how you want to plot data by selecting the appropriate radio button and clicking OK.


User views views or materialized views are reusable data queries that can be used in reports, modules, alarms, KPIs and other queries.

This also applies to its contents; you must own a folder airom see the objects within it, regardless of whether you own the objects or not. With offices in 14 countries, we provide local and regional viewpoints and resource, as well as ensuring that our operator customers benefit from our global knowledge. To export a work area that you have created: Filters Create a global or personal list of any elements.

To create a dynamic filter: Reports can have certain parameters defined that can be set at runtime. Element Hierarchies Open the Element Hierarchies tab, on which you can create, edit and delete element hierarchies. Button Name Description Manage Aircmo Opens the Manage Personal Favourites tab, on which you can create your Favourites own favourites, and organise them into groups.

AIRCOM OPTIMA | Mansour Fall –

Creating a Module Modules and Combinations enable you to directly view real-time analysis of performance data. Filters and Parameters Additional parameter vales for the report schedule. Design Design the layout of a report. The work area allows switching between these items and refreshing to be configured.

Graphs Display the data in a graph format. After you have selected the data content of your report, you can design its layout: Cascade permission changes to child folders The selected folder and its subfolders.


Recurrence Airckm often the report will run, and the start and end times.

Furthermore, OPTIMA can integrate with other data sources to create bespoke real-time performance dashboards aiecom reports for different departments, such as management, marketing, and customer services. These links allow element selections to be applied across multiple modules and define drill down, up and across functionality opitma modules. The hierarchy can either be a pre-defined hierarchy or can be defined through an SQL query.

We need your help! When you have finished, close the Data Explorer and click Yes to save your changes.

The table on which you want to base the materialized view must have a Primary Key.

Introduction to Aircom Optima – Free Download PDF

To make your reports more powerful, you can dynamically control visual aspects of the report layout while the report is generating, by using the event-based environment on the Calc tab. The Element Hierarchy Add dialog box appears.

When the report is run, data will be returned and an Excel file created based on the template.