Make, Caterpillar. Model, B. Type, Skid Steer Loader. Standard Flow, N/A GPM. High Flow, 33 GPM. Pressure, PSI PSI. Hydraulic HP Standard Flow. Find new and used Caterpillar B for sale in Australia on constructionsales. , on Australia’s No. 1 website. Find Used and New Caterpillar b Skid Steers For Sale amongst an extensive inventory of 2 listings on MachineryZone.

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Caterpillar B Skid Steer Loader. A Length with Bucket. B Width Over Tires. C Height to Top of Cab. G Clearance at Max Lift and Dump. H Reach at Max Lift and Dump. Engine Power – ISO Net Power – SAE Cooling System Fluid Capacity.

Engine Oil Fluid Capacity. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity.

cat 248b skid steer hydraulics

Chain Box Fluid Capacity – each side. Travel Speed Reverse 284b 2-Speed Option. Travel Speed Forward – 2-Speed Option. Maximum Loader Hydraulic Flow. Maximum Loader Hydraulic Pressure. Height to Top of Cab. Clearance at Max Lift and Dump. Reach at Max Lift and Dump. Turning Radius from Center – machine rear. Turning Radius from Center – inc bucket.

CATERPILLAR B Specifications

Bucket Pin Height – Maximum Lift. Height – Top of Cab. Length – Without Bucket. Length – With Bucket on Ground.

Bucket Pin Height – Carry Position. Clearance at Maximum Lift and Dump.

Turn Radius from Center – Rear. Turn Radius from Center – Coupler. Turn Radius from Center – Bucket.

Maximum Reach – With Arms Parallel. Vehicle Width over Tires.

Bumper Overhang – Rear Axle. Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight. Breakout Force – Tilt Cylinder.

Caterpillar 248B Skid Steer Loader

Breakout Force – Lift Cylinder. Chain Box – Each Side. Net Power 74 hp. Operational Weight lb. Operating Load Rating lb. Net Power 82 hp. See Skid Steer Loader for sale on rbauction. See Skid Steer Loader for sale on ironplanet. See Skid Steer Loader for sale on mascus.

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The awk command or GNU awk in specific provides a scripting language for text processing. With awk scripting language, you can make the. Notice: This work is derived from the original gawk manual. The awk utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it possible to. All along from the beginning of the Awk series, we have been writing small Awk commands and programs, now its time to write a scripts using.

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This file documents awka program that you can use to select particular records in a file and perform operations upon them. This is Edition 4. Arnold Robbins and I are good friends.

We were introduced in by circumstances—and our favorite programming language, AWK. The circumstances started a couple of years earlier. I was working at a new job and noticed an unplugged Unix computer sitting in the corner.

How to Write Scripts Using Awk Programming Language – Part 13

No one knew how to use it, and neither did I. However, a couple of days later, it was running, and I was root and the one-and-only user. That day, I began the transition from statistician to Unix programmer. On one of many trips to the library or bookstore in search of books on Unix, I found the gray AWK book, a.

Kernighan, and Peter J. I was excited to try my hand at programming in AWK. Alas, the awk on my computer was a limited version of the language described in the gray book. If a system had a new awkit was invariably called nawkand few systems had it. The best way to get a new awk was to ftp the source code for gawk from prep. My Unix system started out unplugged from the wall; it certainly was not plugged into a network.

So, oblivious to the existence of gawk and the Unix community in general, and desiring a new awkI wrote my own, called mawk. Before I was finished, I knew about gawkbut it was too late to stop, so I eventually posted to a comp.

A few days after my posting, I got a friendly email from Arnold introducing himself. Frankly, if our roles had been reversed, I would not have been so open and we probably would have never met. Arnold contributes significant amounts of his expertise and time to the Free Software Foundation. This book is the gawk reference manual, but at its core it is a book about AWK programming that will appeal to a wide audience.

The programs in this book make clear that an AWK program is typically much smaller and faster to develop than a counterpart written in C. Consequently, there is often a payoff to prototyping an algorithm or design in AWK to get it running quickly and expose problems early. Often, the interpreted performance is adequate and the AWK prototype becomes the product.

The new pgawk profiling gawkproduces program execution counts. A few minutes poring over the awkprof. Arnold has distilled over a decade of experience writing and using AWK programs, and developing gawkinto this book. If you use AWK or want to learn how, then read this book.

Thirteen years ago I wrote: Learning to use a programming language is about more than mastering the syntax.

One needs to acquire an understanding of how to use the features of the language to solve practical programming problems. A focus of this book is many examples that show filetupe to use AWK. Some things do change. Our computers are much faster and have more memory. Consequently, speed and storage inefficiencies of a high-level language matter less.

Prototyping in AWK and then rewriting in C for performance reasons happens less, because more often the prototype is fast enough. Dynamic Extensionshas all the details, and, as expected, many examples to help you learn the ins and outs. Getting StartedPrevious: Several kinds of tasks aawk repeatedly when working with text files.

You might want to extract certain gutorial and discard the rest. Or you may need to make changes wherever certain patterns appear, but leave the rest of the file alone. Such jobs are often easy with awk. Fildtype awk utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it easy to handle simple data-reformatting jobs.

The GNU implementation of awk is called gawk ; if you invoke it with the proper options or environment variables, it is fully compatible with the POSIX 1 specification of the awk language and with the Unix version of awk maintained by Brian Kernighan.

This means that all properly written awk programs should work with gawk. This Web page teaches you about the awk language and how you can use it aak. Implementations of the awk language are available for many different computing environments. Blend all parts well using lex and yacc. Document minimally and release. After eight years, add another part egrep and two more parts C. Document very well and release.

AWK Tutorial in PDF

The name awk comes from the initials of its designers: Weinberger, and Brian W. Ina new version made the programming language more powerful, introducing user-defined functions, multiple input streams, and computed regular expressions. This new version became widely available with Zwk System V Release 3.

Paul Rubin wrote gawk in Jay Fenlason completed it, filetyle advice from Richard Stallman. John Woods contributed parts of the code as well. In andDavid Trueman, with help from me, thoroughly reworked gawk for compatibility with the newer awk.

CircaI became the primary maintainer. Current development focuses on bug fixes, performance improvements, standards compliance, and, occasionally, new features. His code finally became part of the main gawk distribution with gawk version 3.

John Haque rewrote the gawk internals, in the process providing an awk -level debugger. This version became available as gawk version 4. See Contributors for a full list of those who have made important contributions to gawk.

This ManualPrevious: The awk language has evolved over the years. Full details are provided in Language History. On most current systems, when you run the awk utility you get some version of new awk.

In this case, you should find a version of new awkor just install gawk! Throughout this Web page, whenever we refer to a language feature that should be available in any complete implementation of POSIX filetyepwe simply use the term awk.

When referring to a feature that hutorial specific to the GNU implementation, we use the term fi,etype.

The term awk refers to a particular program as well tuotrial to the language you use to tell this program tutrial to do. It does so in the context of the gawk implementation. While doing so, it also attempts to describe important differences between gawk and other awk implementations.

This Web page has the difficult task of being both a tutorial and a reference. If you are a novice, feel free to skip over details that seem too complex.

30 Examples for Awk Command in Text Processing

You should also ignore the many cross-references; they are for the expert user and for the Info and HTML versions of the Web page. There are sidebars scattered throughout the Web page. They add a more complete tutoeial of points that are relevant, tutkrial not likely to be of interest on first reading.

Most of the time, the examples use complete awk programs. Some of the more advanced sections show only the part of the awk program that illustrates the concept being described.

Although this Web page is aimed principally at people who have not been exposed to awkthere is a lot of information here that even the awk expert should find useful. The Glossarydefines most, if not all, of the significant terms used throughout the Web page.

Manual HistoryPrevious: This ManualUp: A single Texinfo source file is used to produce both the printed and online filftype of the documentation. Because of this, the typographical conventions are filetyp different than in other books you may have read.

Awk Tutorial

Input that you type is shown like this. In the text, almost anything related to programming, such as command names, variable and function names, and string, numeric and regexp constants appear in this font. Things that are replaced by the user or programmer appear in this font.

Options look like this: File names are indicated like this: Some things are emphasized like thisand if a point needs to be made strongly, it is done like this.

Characters that you type at the keyboard look like this. Effective AWK Programmingmany features of awk were either poorly documented or not documented at all. How To ContributePrevious: The Free Software Foundation FSF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the production and distribution of freely distributable software.

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2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: ETC – PRE- AMPLIFIER, LOW LEVEL & LOW NOISE,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site. 2SC Datasheet PDF, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. C Datasheet, 2SC PDF – NPN 50V Transistor – Usha, C datasheet , C pdf, C pinout, data, circuit, ic, manual, substitute.

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Discussion in ‘ Solid State ‘ started by tbone8Nov 23, Log in or Sign up. Very interesting, lots of pics, weak transistor Discussion in ‘ Solid State ‘ started by vatasheetNov 23, Picked up an old GE A a couple months dtasheet. Sounded horrible and right channel weaker than the left.

Cleaned all the pots and switches, still lots of static. Lots of DC at the speaker outputs, started testing caps, almost 2ac9014 out of specs and many dead. Recapped the whole thing, sounds much better and dataeheet microvolt or two of DC at the speakers. The right channel was still weaker than the left. Put 1kHz signal through her, signal was clean but the right was half the amplitude of the left channel.

Went through the block diagram in the manual and figgered it had to be one of two transistors on the control board. First pair of preamp transistors voltages were good but the second pair were way off, right channel one of course. Desoldered the good side one and it had an hFE of almost Did a couple comparison test graphs.

Top grouping is the left transistor and bottom is the right.

By no means an expert but this don’t datazheet good So, this is where I need a little help. The transistor in question is an HITC6. I assume its a Hitachi, can’t find anything on the interweb on it. The schematic shows it like this datawheet the voltages: I went to digikey and looked for a hFE TO and the only one that popped up was a SS, oddly enough had the code.

The digikey link for it is here https: Assuming this is a good replacement, I guess a guy could bend the leads and squirrel it in. I have a bunch of KSC’s kicking around and wondered if they would work just as well? So, what would be the best route to go?

Sorry so long but I found this real interesting and educational for me. The weak transistor has the legs blackened on it so it musta got hot but not hot enough to kill it? Oh, and I would obviously replace the pair. It probably is a 2SC The “6” can refer to even narrower Hfe ranking by the factory. When subbing transistors, you’ll make sure that the allowable Vce, IC and Pc are safely above in-circuit conditions, and certainly not lower then originally installed unless you can deduct what worst-case in-circuit current can be most often only a few mA runs while the transistor is ranked mA, so a 50mA ranked sub-transistor could do as well.

Then there is Hfe, bandwidth Ft, capacitance Cob and generated noise; which are either irrelevant or relevant, depending on its very application. Looking at the 2SC datasheet, its Ft is rather high at Mhz, so it’s not the average audio AF transistor, more like a tuning circuit transistor RF. I would certainly ensure to have a simular bandwidth. It’s capacity is also low 2. Last but not least With all that, you can select the right sub Now, if you look at the newly SS transistorthen you’ll notice that it is an exact sub for the 2SC including EBC pin layoutand I would thus very much use that one.

For all other parameters, the KSC is better. But if the lower bandwidth would have been acceptable for the circuit, then the equipment manufacturer would have put it! So I know what I put in. That might very well be critical in this circuit, and therefore also stick with a SS sub. OilmasterNov 24, The SS looks good as a replacement.

Like the Tek scope. NAD80Nov 24, Thanks for the replies.

Oilmaster, I saw that SC you posted. Below is the block diagram for this. The Q is part of the pre-amp, correct? How does RF play into this?

2SC 데이터시트(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

2cs9014 pinout is different from the original to the SS but I could just put some insulators on the legs and make it fit? NAD80, I got that scope about 3 years ago locally from craigslist. Didn’t work, had a bad cap and bad transistor. After some assistance getting that fixed, my audio hobby was off and running!

Ironically, I just bought a Tek that is not working as well. Waiting for it to come in the mail and dwtasheet be a future topic here.

I see now that it is indeed the pre-amp section. Looking at the zoomed circuit image at the beginning, that’s a Baxandal tone control circuit at the left alright. So KSC should be good enough. Makes your life easier as well regarding legs Hfe is not much of issue here as long as it is aboveas this datashheet is a “buffer stage” with at max a factor 10 amplification probably less than 5 Higher Hfe can sometimes be desired to “unload” the upfront circuit.

In other words, a higher Hfe means that less current needs to be supplied by the upfront section aka higher Hfe provides higher datasgeet impedance The very linear Hfe-Ic curve of the also provides an excellent linearity of datasheef buffer stage which benifits the distortion levels But the KSC should do fine here.

This circuit runs at very low collector voltage.

Wholesale electronic components Support BOM Quotation TO-92 2SC9014-C of Integrated Circuit

The only downside of the daatsheet is that its saturation voltage is relatively high. Notice the knee in the HFE curves below 2 volts. If you have ksc – it does better in this respect. There are also BCc but are base centered. I only bring this up, as there was a Sansui thread where the signal had reduced level on one side, and was cured by changing the c to c Dattasheet remember, the collector and base need to be crossed to match the original configuration.

Below are screen captures of the DCA pro traces.

2SC9014 Datasheet

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:

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Stream Velimir Khlebnikov – The Radio of the Future (radio project, ) by MuhEsotericism from desktop or your mobile device. Read about The Radio of the Future (radio project, ) by Velimir Khlebnikov and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Various, The Radio Of The Future (as Velimir Khlebnikov) and 2 more Various – Baku: Symphony Of Sirens. (Sound Experiments In The Russian Avant Garde).

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Khlebnikov’s Radio of The Future

The Radio of the Future—the central tree of our consciousness—will inaugurate new ways to cope with our endless undertakings and will unite all mankind. Radio is becoming the spiritual sun of the country, a great wizard and sorcerer.

A bright blue ball of spherical lightning hanging in midair, guy wires stretched fuuture at a slant. In this stream of lightning birds the spirit will prevail over force, good council over threats. The activities of artists who work with the pen and brush, the discoveries of artists who work with ideas Mechnikov, Einstein will instantly transport mankind to unknown shores.

Advice on day-to-day matters will alternate with lectures by those who dwell upon the snowy heights of the human spirit. The crests of waves in the sea of human knowledge will roll across the entire country into each local Radio station, to be projected that very day as letters onto the dark pages of enormous books, higher than houses, than stand in the center of each town, slowly turning their own pages. But what now follows? Over the center of every town these voices pour down, a silver shower of sound.

Amazing silver bells mixed with whistlings surge down from above.

Velimir Khlebnikov

Are these perhaps the voices of heaven, spirits flying low over the farmhouse roof? The Mussorgsky of the future is giving a coast-to-coast concert of his work, using the Radio apparatus to create a vast concert hall stretching from the Vladivostok to the Baltic, beneath the blue yhe of the heavens.

On this one evening he bewitches the people, sharing with them the communion of his soul, and on the following day he is only an ordinary mortal again. The artist has cast a spell over his land; he has given his country the singing of the sea and the whistling of the wind. The poorest house in the smallest town is filled with divine whistlings and the sweet delights of sound.

The Radio of the Future. Velimir Khlebnikov, The Radio of the Future—the central tree of our consciousness—will inaugurate new ways to cope with our endless undertakings and will unite all mankind.

Velimir Khlebnikov – Wikipedia

This beautiful evocation of the utopian potential of radio by the Russian Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov belongs to a genre of speculative writing about radio that was quite common in the early days of that technology. The universal communicative power of the medium resonated with the ambitious social projects and artistic visions that sprouted across the globe in the wake of the First World War.

The King of Time: Harvard University Press, Naum Gabo, Project for a Radio Station Home Exhibits About Contact.

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image of The Bodhidharma Anthology – The Earliest Records of Zen by: Jeffrey L. In the early part of this century, the discovery of a walled-up cave in northwest. One of these recovered Zen texts is the Bodhidharma Anthology, a collection of seven pieces. Of the numerous texts now attributed to Bodhidharma, the “first. (English:) Bodhidharma: The Treatise on the Two Entrances and Four Practices ( Magyar:) .. Broughton, Jeffrey L. The Bodhidharma Anthology: The Earliest.

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Dog year is a time of fairness and equality.

Controversial issues are given their due, revolutions are successful, politics are liberal, and political oppression is opposed. Earth Dog possesses some of the finest qualities of any of the 60 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. One of these recovered Zen texts is the Bodhidharma Anthologya collection of seven pieces.

The Bodhidharma Anthology by Jeffrey L. Broughton – Paperback – University of California Press

Of the numerous texts now attributed to Antholigy, the “first patriarch” of Zen in China, only this anthology is now generally held to contain authentic Bodhidharma material. Jeffrey Broughton provides a reliable annotated translation of the Bodhidharma Anthology along with a detailed study of its nature, content and background.

In this translation we find the vivid dialogues and sayings of an otherwise unknown master named Yuan. A long-forgotten member of the Bodhidharma circle, he emerges here as an iconoclast, consistently criticizing reliance on the Dharma, on teachers, on meditative practice and on scripture.

For Master Yuan, faith in Buddhist teachings and bodhidharja, praxis according to the traditional rules, and scriptural learning lead to nothing but self-deception and confusion.

Instead, he says that if one has spirit and aanthology nothing, not even the teachings of Buddhism, one will attain the quietude of liberation. Yuan’s relentless boldness prefigures much in the stance of the full-blown Zen tradition. Broughton utilizes the new wealth of Tibetan Zen translations for an informative gloss on the Chinese originals while laying out an overview of Tibetan Zen literature.

He places the anthology within the context of the Tun-huang Zen manuscripts as a whole and proposes a new approach to the study of Zen tradition, one atnhology concentrates on literary history – a genealogy of texts, rather than the conventional genealogy of masters. Professor Broughton’s analysis of the material provides a new and refreshing look at the tradition which was bidhidharma on meditation and the ancient lineage of Bodhidharma We can be grateful that the translations are accompanied by a detailed study that gives the reader access to the social and cultural events of the time.

The Bodhidharma Anthology: The Earliest Records of Zen – Jeffrey L. Broughton – Google Books

Publisher University of California Press Browse these categories as well: Year of the Earth Dog. In the early part of this century, the discovery of a walled-up cave in northwest China led to the retrieval of a lost early Ch’an Zen literature of the T’ang dynasty Be the first to rate this product.

Publisher’s Synopsis One of these recovered Zen texts is the Bodhidharma Anthologya collection of seven pieces. Reviews “These original documents are crucial for understanding East Asian Buddhist development.

Bodhidharma Anthology, The

Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma, The. Golden Age of Zen, The: Zen Masters of the T’ang Dynasty.

Bodhidharma Anthology, The Product no.:

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have a detailed understanding of the way data is processed within the CRM Middleware. be able to establish and monitor the connection between the CRM. CR Middleware Overview(Col81) – SAP CRM系统middleware 的基本概念、 配置、使用方法. SAP CRM. Course Duration: 50 Hours. Server Access.: 3 Months. SAP CRM online training and class room training. Solution CR — CRM MIDDLEWARE.

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CR User Interface C No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of SAP AG. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. JavaScript is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners. Names mentioned in this text are done so without prejudice and are for information purposes only. Products may differ from country to country. The information contained in this publication is the property of SAP.

This publication is a preliminary version and it is not subject to your license agreement or crrm other agreement with SAP. This publication only contains intended strategies, developments and functions of the SAP?

Please note that this document is subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time without notice.

CR – CRM Middleware | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

xrm SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this publication. Furthermore, SAP does not accept liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information, texts, graphics, links or other items contained within this publication.

This publication is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied. This includes but is not limited to the warranties of marketability, suitability for a middleaare purposes and non-infringement. SAP shall have no liability for damages of any kind.

CR500 CRM Middleware Overview

This includes any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages that may result from the use of these materials. These limitations shall not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence. The statutory liability for personal injury and defective products is not affected. SAP has no control over the information that you may access through the use of hot links contained midsleware these materials. SAP does not endorse your use of third-party Web pages nor provide any warranty whatsoever relating to thirdparty Web pages.

Course Objectives This course will enable you to: Course Contents Units 1. The other interfaces will be covered in less detailed overview manner. Unit Objectives At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to: The comprehensive range of services offered by SAP help to ensure quick implementation of mySAP CRM and support the ongoing optimization of the application environment.

The integrated Interaction Center enables customers to use phone, fax, or e-mail to contact sales or service representatives. Mobile clients and handheld devices: The mobile sales force or mobile service engineers can connect to the SAP CRM system from their laptop computers or other mobile terminals to exchange the latest information with the central CRM server.

Marketing Planning and Campaign Management? Crn adapters map and convert data between various formats. The data middeware includes an initial transfer of customizing, master, and transactional data to the CRM system, as well as delta data in both directions.

To confirm whether the requested items can be delivered on time, you need to carry out the Available-to-Promise ATP check.

Consider the example of qRFC with an inbound queue and outbound queue. All three phases are completely independent of each other.


Separation of these phases ensures that asynchronous processing is as secure as possible. In the first step, the application data is written to the database in the outbound queue. When the first step is completed, the data is saved in the database. In the second step, the QOUT Scheduler transfers this data from the database of the client system, to the inbound queue in the database of the target system. In the third step, the target system QIN Scheduler activates processing of the queue in the target system?

It is supported by the QOUT Scheduler which sends the data and function calls from the outbound Queue to the inbound Queue on the receiving system, and QIN, a scheduler that reads the Inbound queue and executes the stored function calls. Transactions SMQ1 and SMQ2 Read the data in the inbound and outbound queues so that it is possible to see the data and function calls waiting to be processed. Otherwise the data in the queues would be difficult to access in that is store in a network of tables.

To find out more search NetWeaver Help at help. Mobile Clients typically connect temporarily for example, via modem to the CRM Server for data exchange.

They may also be permanently connected rcm the Server. Data queuing and transport Replication and cr5000 Data exchange and mapping? The main parts of the CRM Middleware provide the following functionality: Data queuing and transport, Replication and realignment service, which ensures that Mobile Clients or external systems obtain the data they require Data exchange and mapping.

They lag behind the release level of the latest version by a midfleware months, but even if the latest version is not available they are still quite helpfull as most things stay the same.

In this the latest version of CRM best practices available at the time the materials were created. This can change as new versions of best practices are created and updated. Unit Summary You are now able to: Solution Overview Architectural Overview At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to: Middlsware the functional Purpose of Middleware?

Your company is unsure of which system should be the leading system when it comes to various business processes in sales. In order to have a degree view of your customers you need to make sure all divisions have access to all the information, with out regard to which system originated it.

Although the new CRM Web UI is the only supported end user interface, for ease of demonstration after this first exercise the rest of the class will use the older SAP GUI version as we are just verifying the data has been transferred, and we are not using the system from an end user perspective. Also note that since this is a technical class and this first exercise is purely functional only a solution is provided. Even when exercises are provided, unless your team has prior experience in middleware, it is recommended middledare utilize the solutions not the exercises.

Verify that a profile parameter has been added to your user to define what business role your user will assume when using the CRM UI. Select the Parameters Tab and Verify that the values below are entered: Now access the new CRm 6. Create a new Product in the ERP system. Select the views Basic Data 1, and the first three sales views. Then verify it has transferred to CRM. In the lower part of the screen the Product ID should appear.

Click the product hyperlink and verify it has been successfully transferred. Choose the order type Telesales scroll through the pages to find it. Enter the data cr00. Press the Enter key.

Enter the Order Number and press. The purpose of this exercise is to see that sometimes objects do not get transferred due to configuration settings maintained by the functional CRM team. We will debug the specifics of this in a follow on exercise.

Use the following data note: Record the Account Group: Enter the Data midrleware the above table and choose.

Enter the Remaining data from the table above. Access the path Extras Administrative Data, and record the account group in the space provided above. This time you will assign the customer an external number, and you will use the account group ZAG2. Enter the remaining data from the table above.

Course Description for CR

Choose and record your Customer for later reference. Did they both make to CRM? The answer should be no, the had a problem getting to the CRM system. It has been stuck somewhere. You will figure out its fate later in the class. Due to the nature of our training system environment, it is possible that the first customer you created with account group ZAG1 was already created with different information in CRM, if the CRM customer master has a different name than the one created in the ERP system, please tell the instuctor to create a few dummy customers in the ERP system, or fix the number range 02 ERP transaction OVZCand make it start at Use the description KING.

Find out if it is available in CRM when building a new account master.

If the system prompts for a transport request, please ask your instructor how to proceed, if you are not familiar with transports. Did it make it to CRM? It did not make it, we will learn why later.

Then follow the path: Next select the create icon and Enter the data above and select Save. Verify the Condition has made it to CRM. Did it make it? Although this task is easy, a lot of prep work was done to make this happen.

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All about La Comendadora, El clavo y otros cuentos (Colección Letras Hispánicas) by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social . Buy La comendadora, El clavo y otros cuentos by Pedro antonio de Alarcon ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. DOWNLOAD LA COMENDADORA EL CLAVO Y OTROS CUENTOS. Page 1. Page 2. Engineering fluid mechanics 10th edition solutions manual – El big bang .

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Alarcon contribuyo poderosamente a la fijacion del cuento literario espanol. Esta edicion incluye ademas de La Comendadora y El clavo, otros cuentos como El extranjero, El amigo de la muerte y La mujer alta. Ademas de un penetrante analisis critico de coda uno de ellos.

La Comendadora y Otros Cuentos

Paperbackpages. Published June 30th by Ediciones Catedra S. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jennifer McDowell rated it really liked it Sep 07, Guillermo De la Torre rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Juan Jesus Payan rated it really liked it Aug 06, Rowan rated it really liked it May 07, Cristina rated it liked it Aug 28, Laura rated it liked it Apr 06, V rated it it was ok Mar 29, Angela rated it really liked it Jan 14, Dabiz21 rated it did not like it Apr 04, Virginia Fernandez rated it liked it Oct 21, Massiel Victoria rated it really liked it Oct 15, Mario Espinosa rated it really liked it Feb 02, Osterdahl rated it liked it Sep 21, Javier rated it it was ok Aug 05, Fep rated it it was amazing May 07, Andrea rated it it was ok Nov 20, Alejandra rated it liked it Oct 05, Caperer rated it really liked it Apr 25, Misa marked it as to-read Nov 18, Tania marked it as to-read Mar 29, Pinguinleaks marked it as to-read Jan 22, Alberto Vino marked it as to-read Oct 17, Vega marked it as to-read Feb 16, Jules added it Jul 07, Maria Mhemnoch marked it as to-read Jul 09, Giulia added it Aug 02, Beatrice added it Sep 12, BookDB marked it as to-read Nov 03, Ysgramor added it Aug 06, Jyothis James marked it as to-read Jan 06, Alberto Carnero marked it as to-read Jul 08, Dennis marked it as to-read Dec 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

La Comendadora y Otros Cuentos : Pedro Antonio De Alarcon :

He produced four other full-length novels. Inhe served in a Spanish military operation in Morocco. He gained his first literary recognition with A Witness’ Diary of the African Wara patriotic commendadora of the campaign. Trivia About La Comendadora, E No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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Teff: Teff, (Eragrostis tef), annual cereal grass (family Poaceae), grown for its tiny nutritious seeds. Teff is native to Ethiopia and Eritrea, where it is a staple food. Eragrostis tef is a ANNUAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 9. It is in flower from August to September, and the seeds ripen from September to. Comprehensive Description. The millet known as tef (Eragrostis tef) is a minor cereal crop on a global scale, but a major food grain in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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The demand for gluten-free foods is certainly increasing. Interest in teff has increased noticeably due to its very attractive nutritional profile and gluten-free nature of the grain, making it a suitable substitute for wheat and other cereals in their food applications as well as foods for people with celiac disease.

The main objective of this article is to review researches on teff, evaluate its suitability for different food applications, and give direction for further research on its applications for health food market. Teff is a tropical low risk cereal that grows in a wider ecology and can tolerate harsh environmental conditions where most other cereals are less viable. It has an excellent balance of amino acid composition including all 8 essential amino acids for humans making it an excellent material for malting and brewing.

Because of its small size, teff is made into whole-grain flour bran and germ includedresulting in a very high fiber content and high nutrient content in general. Teff is useful to improve the haemoglobin level in human body and helps to prevent malaria, incidence of anaemia and diabetes.

The nutrient composition of teff grain indicates that it has a good potential to be used in foods and beverages worldwide. Africa is rich in a wide range of less explored grain species, including teff and other different types of millets.

These grains represent an important source of dietary proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, and minerals for the people. They are fermented into a large number of foods and beverages with improved texture, taste, aroma, keeping quality, nutritional values, digestibility, and microbial quality and with reduced antinutrient contents National Research Council ; Yetneberk et al.

Teff Eragrostis tef Zuccagni Trotter is a tropical cereal that belongs to the family of Poaceae, subfamily Eragrostoidae, tribe Eragrosteae, and genus Eragrostis. About species are known in the genus Eragrostis Demissieof which teff is the only cultivated species. Chloridoideae is used synonymously for Eragrostoidae of teff Costanza et al. Teff cultivars have been recognized and described based on the colour of the grains and inflorescences, ramification of the inflorescences and the size of plants.

For marketing purposes, teff is classified on the basis of seed colour: Teff grain is hull-less naked and comes in a range of colors from milky-white to almost dark brown. The most common colors are white, creamy-white, light brown, and dark brown. The grain is oval-shaped with size 0. The individual grain mass is generally in the range of 0. Teff can adapt to a wide range of environment National Research Council and it is considered to be very resistant to insect pests.

Teff seeds remain viable for several years provided that direct contact with moisture and sunshine is avoided Gamboa and Ekris In comparison with other common cereals, teff grain is less prone to attacks by weevils and other storage pests Tadesse Thus, it can be safely stored under traditional storage conditions with no chemical protection. This paper reviews the nutritional value and other aspects of teff and its potential for different applications including brewing and other gluten-free foods and beverages for the health food market.

The chemical composition of cereals varies widely and depends on the environmental conditions, soil, variety and fertilizer.

Genetic diversity in tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter]

The importance of teff is mainly due to the fact it has attractive nutritional profile and eragrstis no gluten found in other common cereals such as wheat, barley and rye.

The demand for gluten-free foods is growing as more people are diagnosed with celiac disease and other types of gluten sensitivity Bultosa and Taylor ; Dekking et al.

According a research report by Bultosa for 13 teff grain varieties, the proximate compositions and flour-starch amylose contents were in ergrostis ranges: These values are similar to previous findings by other researchers Bultosa and Taylor ; National Research Council This makes it to be a potential gluten free cereal that replaces wheat and other cereals in their applications as sources of food energy.

Teff starch granules are conglomerates of many eragrostiss simple granules Bultosa et al. The proximate db 1 and microelement compositions of teff grain compared with some gluten containing and gluten free cereals.

Starch granules of the endosperm Source: Compound a and individual b — f starch granules from different teff varieties: Bultosa and Taylor The shape is polygonal, smooth with no surface pores. A few granules are essentially cubic and at high magnification, and some appear as tortoise-shell shaped Bultosa and Taylor The information contained in the endosperm starch granules look round from the CLSM images which contradicts the SEM images, there the starch granules were observed as rectangular teg square.

The reason for the difference in appearance is probably the treatment of CLSM teff grain with eratrostis fluorescent dyes that are dissolved in water. Through contact with water the grains are probably swollen and changed in structure.

Eragrostis tef – Useful Tropical Plants

However, Bultosa reported somehow smaller amylose contents for 13 teff varieties. According to Bultosaamong teff flours the highest amylose contents were observed for DZ Starch degradability is improved through the malting process due possibly to differences in the degree of modification of starch structure and composition Glennie et al.

The extent of gelatinization and the gelatinization temperature can also be affected by many other factors, including fat content, amylose content and granule size. As the gelatinization temperature of teff is too high for the amylolytic enzymes, an adjunct mashing regimen may be considered for wort production.

This may be due to structural differences in their amylose and amylopectins Briggs ; Sablani ; Tester and Morrison Gelatinization of starch is important in the processes such as baking of bread, gelling of pie fillings, formulation of pasta products, and thickening of sauces to produce a desirable texture or consistency.

The proportion of raw and gelatinized starch in ready-to-serve starchy products may be critical in determining the acceptability. Texture of many foods such as breakfast cereals, eragrosts, rice, noodles, pasta, and dried soups depends on the fraction of gelatinized starch in the product Sablani However, in most food systems the actual temperature at which starch gelatinizes is less important than those properties that depend on swelling, such as pasting behavior and rheological properties of erargostis partially or fully swollen starch granules.

Eragrostis tef

The pasting temperatures for 13 teff varieties ranged from The highest pasting temperatures were reported for teff varieties DZ-Cr The pasting temperatures reported by Bultosa were somehow similar to the reported Rapid Visco Analyzer RVA pasting temperatures According to Bultosa et al. The pasting character predicts the processing qualities of starch based raw material food ingredients.

The pasting character is fundamentally determined by the starch granule composition and its nature ultra-structures and is also influenced by the non-starch flour components. Most of the gelling properties are due to amylose, which precipitates in aqueous solution to initiate gelatinization when heated. The paste clarity of teff starch is opaque, and the gel texture is short and smooth Bultosa The branched molecules within the swollen granules undergo a slow association to rigidify the swollen granules.

It is possible that the intra-granular amylose fraction enhances the rigidity of starch granules on bread staling.

The PFAF Bookshop

Specialty starches can provide a number of functional benefits in making snack products, including different expansion, crispness, oil pickup, and overall eating quality. The crisp texture of bakery products is due to recrystallization of sugar on removal of water during baking. Sugars also act to tenderize bakery products by slowing the rate at which starch molecules become interlinked and reagrostis break down Hug-Iten et al.

The viscosity of teff starch is considerably lower than that of maize-starch. This implies that teff starch paste will have high stability after cooling when compared to that of maize starch paste.

This means that teff starch will exhibit higher resistance to retrogradation; thus, eragroztis products have high resistance to staling. Similar to other small-granule starches teff-starch granules offer good functionality as a fat substitute, flavor and aroma carrier since they are very small, smooth, and of uniform size.

Teff starch has good eragroatis to shear breakdown, and thus it may find good application in high-shear processed foods. Many carbohydrates trf excellent scavengers of metal ions. Glucose, fructose and sugar alcohols have the ability to block the reactive sites of ions, such as copper, iron and to a lesser extent, cobalt. This is characteristic of monosaccharides teg aids in food preservation by retarding catalytic oxidation reactions Ferrier The fractional composition of the protein in teff indicate that glutelins and albumins are the major protein storage components; and their order of fractional importance was: The distribution of these protein fractions varies among different cereals and there is considerable variation in the solubility classes among the cereals.

Among these fractions in cereals, the prolamin fraction has been the most studied Haard et al. Prolamins are characterized by a particular amino acid composition with domains with a high content of proline and glutamine.

It has been demonstrated that these protein domains are resistant teff degradation by gastric, pancreatic and proteases in the human intestinal brush border membrane Saturni et al.

The amino acid composition of teff flour is favourable and its protein is easily digestible in comparison to cereals such as maize and sorghum because the main protein fractions such as albumin, glutelin, and globulin are the most digestible types. Bultosa reported that the grain protein contents of 13 teff varieties are ranged from 8.

The grain protein in DZ Protein level is very important in malting and brewing processes. Excessively high protein level is commonly associated with lower soluble substance content and malt extract quality, resulting in unacceptable malt quality.

However, if the protein content of malt is too low, brewing performance may be impaired through poor yeast amino acid nutrition. Protein levels in general must not be too low as proteins serve four basic functions in brewing. They are the origin of enzymes that catalyze the complex biochemical reactions involved in turning the cereal into malt, and malt into wort.

They are required for yeast nutrition; they contribute to foam and are involved in the flavor development that malt contributes to beer and whiskey. Thus, its protein content is an indicator for production of good quality gluten-free malt from teff grains. The proteins also play an important role in determining the texture of a food, and may be used as thickening, binding, or gelling agents and as emulsifiers or foaming agents Vaclavik and Christian Research findings Jansen et al.

The other amino acids compositions of teff are also excellent and its lysine content 3. Isoleucine, leucine, valine, tyrosine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, arginine, alanine and histidine contents of teff are higher than in barley, wheat and most other cereals.

Isoleucine, valine, tyrosine, serine, and glycine contents of teff are slightly lower than those of brown rice. In general, the bacterial fermentations did not improve the essential amino acid profile of the fermented food product. The fungal fermentation, on the other hand, improved essential amino acid profiles of teff. The well balanced amino acid composition of teff makes it an excellent material for malting and brewing.

Nutritional value and stability are the most important qualities of alcoholic beverages. In addition to some other food components, proteins and some amino acids are also responsible for nutritional value and stability of beer.

Proline and lysine are the most important amino acids in beer. It is known that proline residues are responsible for the affinity towards proanthocyanidins and take part in the production of aromatic compounds and, in this way, influence beer quality.

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Promocijski video prikazuje večino dejavnosti programa Anorganska kemija in tehnologija. Na začetku je prikazano delo z nestabilnimi spojinami v visokem. anorganska kemija translation in Croatian-English dictionary. Get this from a library! Splošna in anorganska kemija: zbirka pojmov, vprašanj in nalog z odgovori in rešitvami. [Boris Čeh].

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Pomembni razredi anorganskih spojin so oksidikarbonatisulfati in halogenidi. Njihova pomembna lastnost je topnostna primer v vodi, in kristalizacija.

anorganska kemija – Wiktionary

Nekatere soli so dobro topne v znorganska, na primer kuhinjska soldruge, na primer SiO 2pa sploh ne. V redoks reakcijah pride do spremembe oksidacijskih stanj. Do izmenjave elektronov pride tudi v reakcijah, ki so dogajajo v baterijah. Lewis je prav tako leta postavil svojo definicijo kislin in baz.

Lewisove kisline so zvrsti, ki sprejmejo elektronski par, Lewisove baze pa zvrsti, ki donirajo elektronski par. V prvi reakciji fluoridni ion donira elektronski par borovemu trifluoridu, tvori se tetrafluoridoboratni ion BF 4.

Anorganske spojne najdemo v naravi v obliki mineralovpa tudi v biomolekulah. Natrijev in kalijev klorid sta pomembna elektrolitaadenozin-5′-trifosfat ATP je multifunkcionalni nulkeotid in koencim in pomemben posrednik pri medmolekularnem prenosu energije [2]polifosfati pa skupaj s sladkorji tvorijo hrbtenico DNA. Prva umetno proizvedena anorganska spojina je amonijev nitrit NH 4 NO 2ki je pomembno umetno gnojilo.

Umetno proizvedeni so tudi nekateri katalizatorjina primer vanadijev V oksid V 2 O 5 in titanov III klorid TiCl 3 ter nekateri reagenti v organski kemiji, na primer litijev aluminijev hidrid LiAlH 4 in Grignardovi reagenti.

Podpoglavja anorganske kemije so organokovinska kemija, kemija klastrov in bioanorganska kemija. Razredi anorganskih spojin se pogosto prekrivajo: V sodobnih razlagah kompleksnih spojin so ligandi lahko skoraj vse organske in anorganske spojine.

Prostorska zgradba kompleksnih spojin je zelo bogata. V ta razred spojin spadajo spojine elementov iz 1. Pomembnost anorganske kemije in anorganskih sintez sta dokazala Carl Bosch in Fritz Haberki sta v zgodnjih Mnoge spojine bi lahko uvrstili tudi v druge razrede: Prehodne kovine so elementi 4.

Mednje formalno spadajo tudi kovine iz 3. Prehodne kovine so dobro zastopane v kemiji kompleksnih spojin. Klastri so skupki med seboj povezanih atomov, ki jih najdemo v vseh razredih kemijskih spojin. Izjema so zelo pomembni dvoatomni kompleksi kovina-kovina.

Anorganska kemija in English – Croatian-English Dictionary

Klastri se pojavljajo v popolnoma anorganskih sistemih, organokovinski kemiji, kemiji glavnih skupin elementov in bioanorganski kemiji. Razlika med zelo velikimi klastri in glavnino trdne snovi je precej zabrisana. Velike klastre bi torej lahko opisali kot skupek med seboj povezanih atomov, ki so po lastnostih nekje med molekulo in trdno snovjo. Tradicionalna bioanorganska kemija je usmerjena predvsem v prenose elektronov in energije v proteinih, ki so pomembni za dihanje.

anorganska kemija

V kemijo trdnega stanja spadajo tudi kovine in njihove zlitine. Vzporedno s temi teorijami se je razvilo tudi nekaj aproksimativnih metod, na primer teorija funkcionala gostote. Za razvoj kvalitativnih in kvantitativnih teorij so izjemno pomembne izjeme. Razhajanje med kvalitativno teorijo paramagneten in opazovanjem diamagneten je privedla do modelov kejija “magnetno pripajanje”.

Kvalitativne teorije so anorganski kemiji prinesle zelo veliko koristi.

Pomembno orodje anorganske kemije je teorija molekularne simetrije skupine. Pomembno povezavo med kemijskimi vezmi, reakcijskim mehanizmom in reaktivnostjo je dala Marcusova teorija kemijske reakcije.

Anorganska kemija

Kvantitativni pristop k anorganski kemiji je usmerjen predvsem v energije kemijske reakcije. Mehanizmi rakcij glavnih skupin elementov zajemajo predvsem elemente iz V takih primerih govorimo o hipervalentnih molekulah. Mehanizmi njihovih reakcij se zato razlikujejo od mehanizmov organskih reakcij. Kemija lantanoidov je v mnogih pogledih podobna kemiji aluminija. Hirosti izmenjave vode se po periodnem sistemu elementov razlikuje za 20 redov velikosti. Redoks reakcije so pri prehodnih elementih zelo pogoste.

Delijo se v dva glavna razreda: Koordinirani ligandi se po anorgasnka razlikujejo od prostih ligandov. Drug primer so alkenivezani na kovinske kationeki so reaktivni do nukleofilov, medtem ko alkeni kot taki praviloma niso.

Osnovni principi anorganske kemije so seveda enaki. Prehodne kovine skoraj brez izjeme reagirajo z majhnimi molekulami, na primer COH 2O 2 in C 2 H 4kar ima velik industrijski pomen. Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije.

Concepts and Perspectives, VCH: Chemistry of the Elements 2 izd. Mill Valley, CA; Structural Inorganic Chemistry, Oxford: Imenski prostori Stran Pogovor. Pogled Preberi Uredi Uredi kodo Zgodovina. V drugih projektih Wikimedijina zbirka. Besedilo se sme prosto uporabljati v skladu z dovoljenjem Creative Commons Priznanje avtorstva-Deljenje pod enakimi kemima 3.

Za podrobnosti glej Pogoje uporabe.

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Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum/Division: Arthropoda. Class: Insecta. Order: Odonata. Family: Libellulidae. Genus: Diplacodes. Species: D. trivialis. Common Names. Male: Wing spot: Dark grey or Black Eye: Reddish brown & pale bluish Small bluish dragonfly with black markings on thorax and abdomen in adult; Similar to. Familia: Libellulidae Subfamilia: Sympetrinae Genus: Diplacodes Species: Diplacodes trivialis. Name[edit]. Diplacodes trivialis (Rambur, ).

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If you have an image of similar quality that can be published under a suitable xiplacodes licensebe sure to upload it, tag it, and nominate it. This image has been assessed under the valued image criteria and is considered the most valued image on Commons within the scope: You can see its nomination here.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been trivialiis by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

File:Diplacodes trivialis, West Bengal, India 13 09 2012.jpg

The timestamp is only as accurate triviapis the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Description Diplacodes trivialis, West Bengal, India 13 09 A small greenish yellow dragonfly with black markings. Abdominal markings are broader and continued on to segments The 10th segment and anal appendages are completely yellow.

One of the commonest dragonflies in gardens, fields, playgrounds. This dragonfly usually perches on the ground and rarely flies above 1m.

Diplacodes trivialis

Found throughout Oriental region and Pacific islands. Taken at Burdwan, West Bengal, India. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:.

Diplacodes trivialis female, a small greenish yellow dragonfly with black markings. Diplacodes trivialiseen vrouwtje uit de libellenfamilie der korenbouten Libellulidae.

This image was selected as picture of the day on Bengali Wikipedia. The following 34 pages uses this file: Diplacodes trivialis, West Bengal, India 13 09 dippacodes Diplacodes trivialis, Burdwan, West Bengal, India 13 09 6. Diplacodes trivialis, West Bengal, India 13 09 2. Diplacodes trivialis, West Bengal, India 13 09 3.

The following other wikis use this file: Radicallymoderate Usage on es. Retrieved from ” https: Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat By using this site, you agree dilacodes the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Attribution required by the license.

Permission Reusing this file. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it diplacdoes the following license: You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

File:Diplacodes trivialis, West Bengal, India 13 09 jpg – Wikimedia Commons

View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap – Google Earth. This is a featured picture on Wikimedia Commons Featured pictures and is considered one of the finest images. This is a Quality image and is considered to meet the Quality image guidelines.

This image has been assessed under the valued image criteria and is considered the most valued image on Commons within the scope. Valued image This image has been assessed under the valued image criteria and is considered the most valued image on Commons within the scope: This image was selected as picture of the day on Wikimedia Commons for 16 June It was captioned as follows:

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